When My Family And I Went Fishing: Our Nova Scotian Chronicles

In August, one of my Nigerian neighbours sent me some fishes. I called to thank him and he told me, him and some of the Nigerian men in my building discovered a place for fishing and decided to send us some because he knows my husband was away in Nigeria then and he knows he would have joined them if he was around.



When my husband returned from Nigeria and they told him about the fishing experience, so he joined them.

They usually go in a group and each of them bring home as many as 20 fishes (most times mackerel), sometimes more.


So yesterday, me and the kids decided to join my husband for a fishing experience.


It was thrilling to watch how the fishes were been caught. Also staying by the water side felt good, though I kinda have a bit of phobia for waterside (my mind sometimes travels and think of all sorts).

So since August, na fresh fish we don dey chop o, from the sea to the pot 😀.





We love the Atlantic side.

I’ll be sharing some of the videos on my social media pages.

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