Welcome Home Sweetie: 6 Weeks And 1 Day Felt Like Forever

6 weeks and 1 day felt like forever!

Welcome home Sweetie. Super glad My Husband Dearest is back. We sorely missed ourselves. Alhamdulillahi for a successful trip.


I’ve got plenty Nigerian goodies to romance for a while now. One of my favourites from the Naija goodies that my husband brought was this stew my mum in law’s elder sister sent to me, it’s called Aso Rock stew.


I dare say this stew is LIFE, I ate it with white rice. I can’t even find the apt words to describe it.

Yes o, stew from Nigeria to Canada 😀. When my husband expressed fear of the likelihood of the stew getting spoilt, she told him she takes abula Shitta to his cousin in London 😀, Nigerian mothers are the real deal mehn!

While my husband was away, I fell in love with this song by Banky W (Heaven) and I literally listened to the song almost everyday and coincidentally my husband played the song from his phone on our way home from the airport when we went to pick him up and I made a video. Who also thinks the song is a nice song?

I had bought these card boards for my friend, Funmi who was to help do some games with them for my son’s birthday get together. So I got extra card boards and told her I wanted to make welcome signs for my husband. Thanks to my darling Funmi, who came up with the signs in about 30 minutes of sharing the idea with her. Nabeel said something about these signs when I showed him. He said his is water because it’s blue, Nabeelah’s is fire because it’s red. So I asked what mine is and after about 30 seconds he said mine is sun because it’s yellow and he went on to tell me the significance of water, fire and sun. I was totally stunned and pleasantly pleased he could come up with such thoughts/insights in less than one minute.






Meanwhile, shout out to all the single parents out there, I temporarily played that role in the last 6 weeks. Double parenting is a lot of work, how much more single parenting. Single parents rock and I pray that God will continue to strengthen and bless you all. May we all not labour in vain.


Have a nice week people.

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