We Went To See Black Panther On Friday: What A Wonderful Movie!

My family and I went to see the highly talked about movie: Black Panther on Friday February 16, 2018 as the movie premieres in cinemas worldwide.


We deemed it fit to go see the movie in our African regalia. At a point people started to use us to do movie sef. We got loads of compliments. There were also some people who were dressed in African attires.






What an amazing movie that resonates so much and speaks volume of Africa. You need to go see this movie, it encapsulates so much. I dare say the movie is worth all the hype.

We had concerns about taking our young children but my 7 year old son enjoyed the movie as he is a big fan of super heroes kind of movies. My 3.5 year old daughter wasn’t so much of a fan as she was bored at a point (understandably) and slept during the movie.


We watched it in one of the Cineplex cinemas in Halifax. The cinema was packed full. Kudos to the cast and crew of this beautiful movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Some of my favourite lines from the last scene of the movie are:
-‘there is so much that unites us than divides us’
-”the wise builds, while the foolish destroys’.

Wake up Africa, wake up!

My overall take on the movie is that, Africa should stop continuously blaming the past for the woes it faces in the present. We need to rise above it all and build our continent. Sadly, it looks to me like we are doing more harm to ourselves than we claim was done to us.


It’s a long weekend in Nova Scotia (I guess in Canada as a whole) as Monday February 19th is a public holiday to celebrate Heritage Day/ Family Day.

So going to see Black Panther was a good start for the long weekend.


Enjoy the weekend people.




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