The Wonderful Macnab Family Hosted Us For Dinner

The wonderful Macnab family hosted us for dinner last weekend and it was such a huge honour. We had a great time. It was shortly after Thanksgiving, so I can tag it Thanksgiving dinner extension


We got to meet Mr. and Mrs. Macnab at the Engage Nova Scotia Share Thanksgiving media launch in September 2017, where I was a speaker. Even though we had heard of them last year from Jane (our friend) at the 2016 Share Thanksgiving as they were also hosts to a newcomer family at the Share Thanksgiving event.


However, we didn’t get to meet them then till Mary Macnab approached me at the media launch and introduced herself to be Jane’s aunt and commended my short speech and we clicked with her and her husband, Ron almost immediately.



It was such a delight to meet Ron and Mary at the media launch and they were kind and generous enough to give us their call card and said they would love to host us in their home.

We got together last weekend at their beautiful home. Even Jane had earlier told us their place is one of their favorite places to go and she actually described their home to be ‘palatial’. It was much more than she had even told us. We were totally blown away by their simple, yet classy home. Mary’s niece, Jane, whose family and ours are good friends, also came for the dinner, so it was a dinner with 2 other lovely families; the Allen and Macnab’s families.


They are both in their 70s and have been married for 53 years, yet you could still see the affection and love sparks in their eyes.

They hosted us to delicious food. I remember Mary telling me, she had chicken and that the chicken was Halal. That warmed my heart, not like I wouldn’t have eaten the chicken anyway even if she hadn’t told me it was Halal. For me, it was a sign of respect, sensitivity and going the extra mile to ensure we ate food we were pleased with. The food, wine and desert also tasted great, we enjoyed it all and over all we had good conversations.


The kids also had lots of toys and games to play with.




Ron Macnab is a retired marine geophysicist (the first time I heard that word was at their home), also used to be in the navy. He still maintains an active interest in matters relating to the ocean and oceanography. He took us round his study and it was a breathtaking experience with pictures relating to the ocean all around with lots of books. He indirectly ran us through a short course in ocean science. Duncan, Jane’s husband, at a point told us Ron’s brilliance is out of this world and I found that to be very true. What an intelligent man.

Mary is also an intelligent woman with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in human resources. They are both retired, yet they volunteer their time and resources for good causes. I also figured out there are also travel enthusiasts. Mary is an active volunteer at ISANS (Immigration Services Association of Nova Scotia).

Then, guess what! Ron’s mum briefly lived in Nigeria (Lagos and Kano). My husband and I were thrilled to hear that. Ron and Mary have also been to Botswana, where one of their daughters used to work. The family has had experiences with other African countries like Zimbabwe, Kenya e.t.c.





The Macnab family are so incredible that they have a guest book, where guest writes their names and experience in their home. I really enjoyed our stay in their home. Once again, Thank you Uncle Ron and Aunt Mary. We really appreciate it.

We love you all as you have added beautiful colours to our stay in Nova Scotia so far.


A picture of what Halifax Downtown looked like before



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