The Nigerian Businesses I Recently Patronized

My husband was recently in Nigeria and 2 things were topmost on my mind for him to bring back for me.
1. Nigerian food stuffs
2. I also needed to make more native wears as the ones I came to Canada with last year doesn’t fit well anymore.

Aside these two things, I then thought to patronize some of my friends who are into small or medium scale businesses, some of whom I have patronized before, some of whom I haven’t patronized before perhaps because I didn’t have need for their products when I was in Nigeria or because some of them started the business after I left Nigeria.

So as a show of love and support for their businesses and brands, I have decided to showcase all I got from them here and thereby recommend them to you, so you can also patronize them if the need arises.

These are Nigerian businesses, owned and run by Nigerians in Nigeria.


Firstly, I would love to give a huge shout out to my mum, who helped with the food stuff shopping, what didn’t I send this woman to buy from me? From local broom (igbale), to igbako, ogi, ewedu, iru, ori, elubo, egusi, apon, the list is endless. My mum delivered and even over delivered sef, love to my siblings too, who helped one way or the other. Family totally rocks.


Before I start with the Nigerian businesses in Nigeria, I would like to start off with Zee Naturals UK Ltd, a company owned by a Nigerian, Khairat Badmus, who is resident and runs her business from the United Kingdom but delivers worldwide, she is a friend and a sister, she was my senior in secondary (high) school. Her brand is Zee Naturals. She makes soaps, creams, face cleaners e.t.c from natural ingredients. I have been using her products for about 3 months now, even my kids also use her body cream and herbal bathing soap and we love it, my daughter says the body cream spells like peanut butter, and my son also attest to the sweet smell. Many people have been saying I have been glowing, so I agree, it’s been God, good food and these wonderful skincare products, made with natural ingredients. So I would highly recommend her products as they have been tried, tested and therefore can be trusted. I also think she’s got a great customer service approach, my interactions with her were great all through and she even gave me one of the products free plus highly discounted delivery fee.

Zee Naturals contacts:
Call or WhatsApp: +447419371984
BBM: 58b5ced0
Instagram: @Zee.Naturals



So back to the Nigerian businesses based in Nigeria.

My tailor, who is also my namesake, Sherifat Mustapha a.k.a Sheri runs Cherry Fashion Designs. Before Sheri started sewing for me, it was her mum that was my tailor, her mum made my wedding down and that of my bridal train. I have lost count of the numerous clothes she has sewn for me before and after I got married. Along the line, Sheri, her daughter joined in the tailoring business and after I tried Sheri with some clothes, she delivered and with time, her mum retired from full time tailoring and Sheri took over. She is such a young and hardworking lady.

Sheri has been showing my clothes and my daughter’s for some years now. So when my husband went to Nigeria, I called her and asked her to buy me some fabrics and make me different styles, she also made some for my daughter and son, she had just one week to deliver these clothes and she did deliver. I have won two of the clothes she made for me.




Cherry Fashion Design contact: +2348139655046
She is based in Surulere in Lagos state, Nigeria.

Shout out to one of my dear neighbours, Mrs. Odeniyi who helped with our measurements, which I sent to Sheri, my darling tailor.

Next is Funmi Afodunrinbi, my darling cousin, who runs Mospecial Beads, I once wrote about her here. She’s made me and my daughter beads before now and I loved the beads, so I ordered for another set. One of which I am wearing in the below picture. Funmi makes really beautiful customized beads.




Mospecials Beads contacts:
Instagram: @Mospecial_beads
WhatsApp number: +2348105406668

Next is Khadeejah Yusuff, who runs Qardiz Kreations, I have been making my turbans from her for about five years now. I called her to order some more turbans and brooch. She also made me a long hijab, that is popularly called kimar , I usually use this very long and full hijab for prayers. Surprisingly she also added a beautiful gown for my daughter as a gift. She actually makes clothes too.



I am wearing one of the turbans and brooch here.

Nabeelah’s beautiful dress gift from Qardiz Kreations


Qardiz Kreations contacts:
Phone number: 08180463398
Instagram: @q_a_r_d_i_z

Another tailor I would like to recommend is Mr. Hassan, who is my husband’s tailor. He has been making my husband’s clothes for many years, he also makes for son and he is based in Surulere, Lagos (off Babs Animashaun). I can attest to how good he is.


Mr. Hassan’s contact: +2348052168780

Next is my friend from secondary school, Funke Bolarinwa, she makes coconut oil. When we were leaving for Canada last year, I got one bottle of coconut oil from her and it was very useful to us, so I thought to patronize her again, this time I even got more bottles because I really like it and she generously gave me an extra bottle for free.



Extra Virgin coconut oil contact: +2348035798802

Next is my friend from secondary (high) school, Tope (Née Olufidipe) who runs Tigernut Company Nigeria, a company that makes great products from tigernuts, e.g sauce, swallow foods, milk, e.t.c. I ordered her chili sauce and swallow products. It was my husband that launched the sauce, he had gone for fishing with some of his friends the next day he came back from Nigeria and he decided to use the chili sauce to grill some of the fish and the fish came out tasty.





Tigernut Company Nigeria contacts:
Phone number: +2347080553393
Instagram: @behealthyng

Next is Derin Oshadipe, another of my secondary school friends, her company, GrandScope Concepts makes customized Lagos magnets (My9jaAccesssories). I ordered one, when it was delivered, it was my husband that received it, he really like it and asked for another one, so we have both magnets on our fridge. My children also love it, especially my daughter who sometime thinks it’s a toy. I particularly like it because of the Lagos branding on it, seeing it everyday makes me feel at home, it makes me remember my darling Lagos, a city where I lived all my life before moving to Canada. Derin also offered free delivery of the magnets because she was within the area of the delivery address, which I find exceptional and I really appreciate it.






GrandScope Concepts contacts:
Instagram: @my9jaaccessories
Phone number: +2348028539361

Next is Aminat Saheed, who recently started Flavours by Mo, she makes different food items like spices, honey e.t.c. I ordered her turmeric spice. Even though I haven’t met her before, but we have been friends on Facebook for a while now. So it feels like we have met and known for longer.




Flavours by Mo contacts:
Phone number: +2348125538385
Instagram: @flavours_mo

Dear above business owners, thank for the wonderful products and services rendered. I pray that your businesses would blossom way beyond your expectations. May God continue to bless your hustles and grant you optimum successes.

Meanwhile, it’s actually a coincidence that most of these business owners are women, I didn’t set out to patronize only women, so don’t go thinking I am biased 😊.


I may not have bought millions of Naira worth of products from these entrepreneurs but I am happy I was able to make a purchase and I did so to try their products, see how good they are and then recommend them to my family, friends and blog/social media followers so you can also give them a trial.

We all need to support growing, small and medium businesses. We all need one another to grow. I know how challenging it is to run a business (especially in Nigeria), entrepreneurship isn’t a child’s play, it involves a lot of hard work. So it is paramount we support one another and recommend a product or business to others if you have benefited from such business, let us be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

Thank God for technology, who enabled me to discuss and transact with these business owners seamlessly.

Huge thank you to my darling husband who helped to bring all my plenty load, I literarily used up almost all his luggage space 😊. Please don’t blame me, Halifax is very far from Lagos and it’s not everytime one gets someone going to Lagos from our end here.


My husband also bought some popular Nigerian candies, like chocomilo, milkose, buttermint, Vicks lemon, Vicks blue a.k.a Baba Blue, you can imagine seeing these sweets after over one year, I can’t even explain the goosebumps. Even our Nigerian neighbours and friends that we shared them too were also delighted. You know that moment when little things means so much.


Have a wonderful weekend good people.

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