The Excruciating Pain Associated With Incessant Fuel Scarcity, Increase And Queues In Nigeria

It breaks my heart to see that fuel scarcity, fuel increase and incessant fuel queues are reoccurring decimals in Nigeria mostly in December. I got married on the 19th of December 2009 and my husband with a friend were actually sourcing for fuel in the morning of our wedding day because they didn’t get the day before, hence he was slightly late for the engagement ceremony. They were many other family and friends who had to queue up for long hours to get fuel that morning.


I know some family members and friends who couldn’t make it to Lagos from Ibadan and Sagamu and even within Lagos to join us in celebrating (even though the hall was literally filled up, so maybe the scarcity was a blessing in disguise 😊).

On a serious note though, I was having a video call with a friend in Nigeria this morning and he said to me he wouldn’t even stress himself to go out if he doesn’t get fuel. I then told him, good for him and explained to him that he could afford to say and do that because he was on paid employment, his salary may not be affected if he misses a day or two from work if he can’t get fuel. I then told him that does he realize that some people can’t even afford to stay indoor for one hour because their survival depends on them going out everyday since they fend for themselves, they are in self employment. I am talking about petty traders, hawkers, road side sellers e.t.c., whose daily survival depends on their daily income.

It’s so hurtful to see people suffer in the midst of plenty. It’s painful to have a government (old and present) who doesn’t give a hoot about the suffering of its people, who make them celebrate festivities in hardship and complaints.


For as far as I can remember this fuel scarcity usually occurs almost every December (if not all December), is it that a government cannot find a lasting solution? Is it that hard? Is it rocket science to put an end to this incessant and long time suffering?

Even though someone like me do not directly experience this anymore but I have tons of family and friends experiencing this excruciating pain. My social media timelines have been filled with complaints of this issue, I have spoken to people in Naija and it still this same complaint.

The worst part of this scarcity is that it has ripple effect, once there is fuel increase and scarcity, prices of commodities and almost all the services skyrocket.

Sadly, we begin to exploit one another and the anthem begins to read ‘you know fuel is scarce and expensive’. The government is lacking in their duties, we the citizens then add salt to the injury and we make life even more unbearable for one another.

How can a country such as Nigeria be suffering this much for fuel, a commodity we produce, the giant of Africa whose major resources is crude oil. This is crude and the height of wickedness and insensitivity.


My fellow country people, my heart is with you. I feel your pain.

I just hope this passes for good and most importantly I hope we do better in 2019. We definitely deserve a better government, we are good people, we are hardworking and resilient, we deserve more, we deserve better.

Enough of this suffering and smiling.

God bless Nigeria.

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