Spoken Words To Self – My Woman Crush Forever

My woman crush forever.

My day one girl.

The girl I fiercely love with every fibre in me.

The girl who embraces all the imperfections/challenges in her life and is hopeful of a better tomorrow.

The girl with no better yesterdays.

The girl who has seen it all (maybe almost), yet stands unshaken.

The girl who doesn’t listen to the noise in the market but is lead by her convictions and beliefs.

The girl with undiluted faith in God.

The girl with so much hope, resilience and tenacity.

The girl with the can-do spirit.

The girl who wears her scars gracefully.

The girl who isn’t ashamed of her past as all her life experiences have shaped who she has become and becoming and her past have also served as life lessons to her.

The girl with a contented heart.

The girl with a thankful and grateful heart.

The girl who believes life is transient.

The girl who loves others and wishes people well.

The girl who believes the sky is wide enough for all birds to fly.

The girl who understands she owns her race and runs it well.

The girl who is more beautiful on the inside (even if I say so myself).

The girl who is her own first cheer leader and supporter.

The girl with unflinching self love.

The girl who is the Queen of her Kingdom.

The girl who God loves so much.

The imperfect girl with a perfect God.

Hey baby girl, I love you endlessly and I am proud of how far you have come.

God bless you Sherifat.

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