Self Love, Self Belief, Self Reassurance: Be You!

I guess this is one of my first successful bathroom selfies 😊.

No make up, no filter, the girl is fine 😊, yes I know I can be sometimes vain. I really cannot afford to be serious all the time, that will be too much luxury for me. Life is short and we only live once.


Anyways, how many of us talk to ourselves in the mirror? Like the mirror talk, the mirror self reassurance?

You see, many times, I look at myself and I say to myself:

‘Hey baby girl, you are awesome, you are one of a kind, you are beautifully made, no one can be like you, you were created for a purpose, you are here to make impact.’

Beyond making these statements, I claim those words. I profess them and I own them! So what are you saying to yourself?


Self-love, self-belief, self-reassurance and ACTION have helped me a great deal. What about you?

How do you motivate yourself? How do you propel yourself to that next step? A feat doesn’t always have to be something very big, it just could be something very basic, that supposedly little thing that takes you to the next step and makes you achieve your dreams. Every step counts, they say little drops of water make an ocean. Take it one day at a time.

Many times, people say to us, ‘this thing isn’t possible’, some people even insinuate that some of our dreams are not valid. Some people want to directly or stylishly talk you down or talk you out of things you really believe in. Should you permit them?

This is not to say, we should not receive counsel from others or reason out people’s observations or suggestions to our ideas or plans. My admonition is, be discerning, if you truly believe in what you want to do, or truly convinced that it will turn out well, go all out and achieve it.

At the end of it all, it should be about you. Be in competition with yourself and not with others. Run your race at your pace. Be better. Do you, be YOU!!!


Have a great day and productive week, beYOUtiful people.

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