Seemingly Little Things That Matter: The Heartfelt Paintings Of My Son’s Classmates

Some weeks ago, I received a call from Nabeel’s school that he threw up, so we needed to pick him from school early. The next day when Nabeel went back to school, he received these 4 beautiful paintings from his classmates with the below inscriptions:

#Drawing1 by Callie: ‘I hope you feel better Nabeel, Callie love’


#Drawing2 by Hailey: ‘Nabeel, you are the best friend, love Hailey’


#Drawing3 by Olivia: Nabeel, get well.


#Drawing4 by AbdulRahman: …


The thoughtfulness of these 6 year olds wowed me (you will think it is me that they made it for 😊). If we were all this thoughtful of one another, I guess the world would be a more beautiful place for all to live in. You need to give it to children, their heart is so pure and beautiful.

Anyways, in as much as I love these 4 beautiful paintings/drawings, I would like to dwell more on AbdulRahman’s drawing because he is one of the Syrians seeking refuge in Canada. I know his parents and 2 siblings, we live in the same neighbourhood, very lovely family.


Many (if not all) of these Syrian children didn’t know a word of English when they came. I know some who have spent few years in Canada and their English is now impeccable, kudos to the school system here. The ones who haven’t spent a long time in Canada like AbdulRahman are still learning, so to see that AbdulRahman joined 3 other Canadian classmates of Nabeel to have this painting speaks volume of how much he is willing to learn despite his language barrier, he showed he also wanted to express himself via painting and drawing.

Thanks to Canada, the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and many other Canadians who have opened their hearts and country for the likes of AbdulRahman from Syria who is in school learning and growing and not under fear of the next bomb that may blow up their home in Syria.

Nabeel was very pleased about these paintings, so are we his parents.


#SeeminglyLittleThingsThatMatter #BeGoodToOneAnother #ShowLoveJustBecause

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