Satisfying Food Cravings: Abula (Amala, Ewedu, Gbegiri) With Goat Meat Stew

On Tuesday, I started to crave abula (amala, ewedu & gbegiri with goat meat stew). I could hardly concentrate at work (I’m not even exaggerating).

I craved it so much that I started to miss Nigeria. My mind went straight to amala Shitta, my Surulere people should understand.

So much that I had to chat up 2 of my Nigerian friends who live in Halifax about this craving (hoping that one of them will tell me there is a bukka in Halifax where I can find abula, even though I knew it was a wishful thinking).

I guess they both saw how crazy I was about this craving that one promised to get me ewedu leaves and the other offered to prepare me the gbegiri). What a dream come true. Both of my friends stayed true to their words. Thank you ladies. God bless you.

I made my amala and freshly cooked goat stew to accompany my ewedu and gbegiri.


What a delight! I savoured this meal like I hadn’t eaten in years.

Seemingly little things we take for granted.

Good food is life!!!

Who has had such craving for any kind of food that wasn’t readily available to you?








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