Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau Was In Nova Scotia For A Town Hall Meeting

On Tuesday, January 9th, 2018, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau was in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia for a town hall meeting.


Myself and my children went for the town hall meeting. It’s the second we have attended. My husband, myself and the kids attended the one that took place in Dartmouth in January 2017. I wrote about our last year experience on my blog.


I can’t aptly put to words what the experience was like for me, sitting in the same hall with the PM for almost 3 hours.

I have never physically seen a Naija president, not to talk of been in the same room/hall with him. So experiencing such in Canada does feel good.



Even though some people feel Trudeau isn’t doing enough, I mean not everyone is his fan, I am definitely one of his fans. Some citizens feel his government is doing too much for immigrants and refugees, but then these citizens keep forgetting how much immigration and immigrants are positively impacting on the economy of their country. I started liking him even before we moved to Canada. Meeting him for the first time last year sealed the love, what a man.

It is definitely understandable if some people feel he should be doing more and carrying out all of his campaign promises. So I have no issue with anyone being insatiable with his government. I guess that is why it is called democracy and holding your leaders accountable.

You see this town hall meetings take place across Canada, he travels far and wide to have them. The attendees are regular people like you and I who gets the opportunity to ask the PM questions. You would hear the good, bad and ugly questions and he tries his best to answer them. Some people who ask him questions even tries to throw jabs at him sometimes. I remember last year, when one woman asked him a question, she was quite rude and the PM had to plead with her, saying ‘please don’t be rude to me ma’am’. This woman was still made to ask her question and he answered it to the best of his ability. There were even pockets of people who had unpleasant placards about him in the hall.

So for me, he makes himself vulnerable by doing these town hall meetings because he never knows what is coming. People are made to freely ask their questions or express themselves based on what they feel about his government.

These town halls are definitely a good one and it’s a rare opportunity given to people to stay connected to the PM and the government at large. It’s also a way for the government to directly feel the pulse the people.

Kudos to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, members of his cabinet, his government and the organizers of the town hall meetings across Canada.

God bless Canada.






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