Not All That Glitters Is Gold. Do Not Be Deceived By All You See On Social Media

A store named IKEA opened about 2 months ago in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We had been meaning to visit but kept procrastinating.

Last week, when I was in Ontario, my husband and my children visited IKEA. My husband sent me pictures and videos. Perhaps, he wanted to tell me say no be only me dey enjoy my weekend 😊. Kai, it pained me, immediately, I called him and said, how can you people go to IKEA without me, he then said, shebi me too dey enjoy Ontario 😀.

Anyways, I told him, we will redo the IKEA visit o, so we did this Friday evening.


Coman see orisirisi beautiful home and office furnitures. I was blown away. My phone camera isn’t doing enough justice. It’s a one of a kind store.

So my husband now said, one can just pose in one of these beautiful furnitures now and post on social media, the next time some people would say, ‘na wa o, this person is now living large’, ‘see his/her house/office, he/she don hammer’ e.t.c.

I couldn’t agree with him less.


Many people who share their happy moments also have their not so good moments. It’s rare for people to showcase the not so good side online, most times what you would see are the happy and sweet times.

In countries like Canada, US, UK, e.t.c where you can walk into a store, buy things, go wear/use them and return them after some days or even weeks for a replacement or even a refund. I have heard of people who buy clothes, shoes and the likes and go to exchange them every now and then after they may have worn them. When such person posts such pictures with their different clothes and shoes, you may begin to feel they have it all. People even buy and return electronics after they may have used it for a while and many other things.

I also know of many Nigerians who live in Nigeria who also live fake lives, so no be only some obodoyinbo people.

This is not to say everyone who uses nice things or puts up nice pictures are faking it. Some people are genuinely living the good life.

Also, most people don’t put up their problems on social media (well I don’t), why would anyone want to appear gloomy online?

No one has their life all put together, we all are dealing with one thing or the other. You would be surprised to hear or see what some people who appear happy always are going through. Your challenges may just be minute compared to theirs.

Life is too short to stay gloomy, everyone is dealing with challenges at one point or the other. So don’t feel you have all the problems in the world.

Run your race at your pace. Don’t feel threatened by anyone, you would be surprised to know that you may even be having a better life than the person you feel is doing better than you.

Be and stay in competition with yourself. Don’t be unnecessarily envious/jealous of others. Be genuinely happy for others when they are succeeding or having happy moments. Don’t judge yourself based on other people’s progress. Life is a phase.

So here are all the pictures we took at IKEA, if I had posted some of them online without stating I was at IKEA, some people may have assumed I have it all and that I am living large. Not knowing say na packaging and make belief.

Do not believe everything you see online. You would be amazed at the length people go to package themselves.

This is not to say, people don’t genuinely have true happy moments.

Some people even assume, everyone who lives abroad have it all, you would be shocked to know how much debt some people are. Some people are even still repaying the debt they used to come to obodoyinbo. Yet the system still allows them to have a seemingly good life.

Meanwhile, IKEA is such a beautiful place. They also have a restaurant, where we had dinner last night. We got a cooking pot and lamp there. That’s all we bought there after doing serious window shopping and taking pictures 😀.



Don’t use people’s highlights to judge your real life.

Not all that glitters is gold.

Have a wonderful weekend.

PS: I am sharing many pictures for some home decor inspiration/tips and if you are in the Halifax/Dartmouth area, IKEA is the place to be as the items are nice and aren’t so pricy. I also saw IKEA in Ontario, so I suppose they are in other locations too.

































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