Nigeria Week 2017: Food Donation Drive At Feed Nova Scotia

It is Nigeria Week in Nova Scotia, Canada this week in celebration of Nigeria’s 57th Independence Day. There are various activities lined up for the week organized by the Association of Nigerians in Nova Scotia.


I took part in the community service program, which was the Food Donation Drive which took place on Wednesday October 4th at the office of an organization called Feed Nova Scotia. The Nigerian community in Nova Scotia came together to donate food items to Feed Nova Scotia


“Feed Nova Scotia is a charitable organization that helps feed people by collecting and distributing food to more than 150 member agency food banks and meal programs, and strives to eliminate hunger in the community.”


The first time I heard about Feed Nova Scotia was through Salvation Army, one of the organizations that are partners to Feed Nova Scotia. It was at the free Back to School program in 2016, where they gave out school bags, lunch bags, sneakers, different kinds of stationeries for school children, e.t.c.

It’s very laudable and commendable what Feed Nova Scotia and all the partners (NGOs, mosques and churches) who run food banks do to help the community. You would find their food trucks in nooks and crannies of the community and they have their food boxes in strategic places especially in groceries stores, where people can drop off their food donations.


It was a delight to give back to this great organization. We had a great time at Feed Nova Scotia.

Thank you Feed Nova Scotia for all you do.

Giving never stops and giving isn’t limited to a particular time, giving is an ongoing activity. Let’s continue to help one another, let’s contribute our quota to our community.

Show love, just because.











The Association of Nigerians in Nova Scotia still has other activities on Friday and Saturday for the Nigeria Week celebration.


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