My Husband Draws A Portrait Of Himself For The First Time

If there was anything I struggled with back in secondary (high) school, it was drawing. Not like I have gotten better. I am not sure I can effortlessly draw a straight line. So when I see people who draw (whether very well or otherwise), I am very thrilled. Even my 3 year old daughter’s drawing thrills me.

My husband had a task to draw a portrait of himself about a month ago, so I took these pictures and videos when he was doing so.



Even though I teased him that the picture doesn’t exactly look like him, still I am in love with the drawing and so impressed with him considering it was his first attempt at drawing himself with a pencil and his lecturer was also super impressed. He has been doing graphic and web designs with different computer and IT applications for many years (even before we met), but these days most of his tasks/assignments have been to use pencil to draw designs and he definitely hasn’t been doing badly.




My children also draw well, but I don’t think I can even draw to save my life, my hand writing sef get as e be, thank God for computer keyboard 😊.

It’s Friday people! Have a wonderful weekend.

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