Jumah (Muslim Friday) Prayers In Ottawa, Ontario

I observed Jumah (Muslim Friday) prayers in Ottawa, Ontario today.

The Imam’s sermon was about parenting. You remember I recently published a blog post on a 14-weeks parenting course I am taking. Here is the link incase you missed it:


The Imam touched on most areas that have been talked about in my parenting class. His sermon was particularly about raising good children. He sighted Quranic verses to buttress his points and I thoroughly enjoyed it all, it was so beneficial. I’ll be sharing the videos of some parts of his sermon, it will benefit anyone, whether Muslim or non-Muslims.

A key area that I would like to lay emphasis on is ‘Modelling’, the Imam talked about how parents should do what they want their children to do, rather than just say what their children should do. He said the best way to parent a child is modelling. Most young children learn by what they see and not just what they hear.

Another good thing for me today was seeing my former university course mate, Kenny after over 5 years, a good friend after my very heart. A man who has transcended from been a course mate/friend, to being my brother. I would write an epistle if I am to write about Kenny. I physically met his beautiful wife, who has been super helpful with my Ottawa visit.



Another highlight of my time at Jumah was the place where we observed our prayers. It’s actually the basement of a church.

Kenny’s wife told me that some renovation works was going on in the mosque around there, so the Presbyterian church allowed for the Muslim community to observe their Friday prayers in the basement of the church. I was totally stunned to hear that.


What a sheer case of religious tolerance and co-existence.

In Halifax, where I live, we have the Salvation Army (a Christian organization). I have seen Muslims (even the ones with hijab) volunteering for the Salvation Army for various programs in the community. I dare say the religion tolerance I have witnessed in Canada is second to none. Even Canadians who do not associate with any religion are so kind-hearted, always considerate of the other person. Everyone has the liberty the practise whatsoever s/he believes in without infringing on the rights of others.

This is honestly what the world needs, peaceful coexistence.

Another joyful thing for me was that the Jumah prayer kicked off around 2pm after the sermon and then we observed Asr almost immediately afterwards because the time for Asr today was 2:10pm, so it was a double combo.

Barka Jumah dear Ummah.

May Allah make our affairs easy. May He forgive our sins and shortcomings.

May Allah accept our duas (prayers) and grant our heart desires. Ameen.


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