Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary To My Husband And I

Alhamdulilahi Robil Alamin. To God be the glory. It has been 8 beautiful married years with My Husband Dearest.


My Limited Edition Husband.

My man of few words but plenty action.

My husband whose actions speak louder than words.

The only man who has seen me in ALL my elements (I could be a handful) and still thinks I am all that (because really, I am all that actually 😀).

My good man and rare gem, it has been my absolute honour and privilege to be walking this path with you.

We have created many memories together; we have had our bad, challenging and good times.

Our good outweighs the challenging times, for that I am utmostly grateful to God.

Allah loves us so much that He has and continues to bless us, even beyond our imagination.

Even though, we are not fully where we want to be, but we are not where we used to be, for this we are deeply thankful.

We are far from being perfect as individuals or as a couple but we love our imperfections.


So much my heart feels, so much my mouth wants to speak, but words just will not do enough justice.

I pray that Almighty Allah will continue to bless us and uphold our home. He shall continue to make us a leading light and make our feet more firm on the path of the Deen.

We shall celebrate many more blissful years together in good health and wealth, with our children, grandchildren and great grand children In Shaa Allah.

My Best Friend, I love you and I love the way you love me 😍❤️.


In other news: one of my coursemates (turned friend, turned brother) who was one of our ‘unofficial’ wedding photographers sent me a happy wedding anniversary message this morning and then a link to the wedding album he created for us on Dec. 19th 2009. I dare say he took more pictures than our official photographer 😊. Seeing all those our wedding pictures, I couldn’t believe that was how we looked on our wedding day. Kai, God has been gracious to us o. Alhamdulillahi.

I had resisted putting up a happy wedding anniversary post today on my social media pages because I have been feeling a bit low these past days but some close family and friends kept sending me happy wedding anniversary messages. I didn’t know people remember such date without one posting it. I assumed it’s only birthday date people mostly remember. I guess I am wrong.

All these messages actually spurred me to come up with this post at the last minute of our wedding anniversary.

Thank you all, I am very grateful. Your messages mean the world. So thoughtful of you to have remembered and deemed it fit to extend some greetings and love.

May joy and happiness never depart our respective homes. May our prayers and heart desires be granted.

PS: some of us don’t know how to make it short, we just must write an epistle 😊.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to us.





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