End Slave Trade In Libya And Everywhere

That we are talking about slave in 2017 is so sad!!!

I watched some videos and they were traumatizing. One minute, you think the world has this problem, the next minute, you hear of even worse, crazy and inhumane tales.

I hope this Libya slave trade is abolished for good and I hope same applies in other regions where it is taking place.


Also, let us look inward as well, how many of us have underage (9-10 year olds and even young teenagers) as domestic staff and pay their relatives little or close to nothing. My people that is also slave trade and child abuse to an extent. We may have grown up with such, that doesn’t make it right.

Kudos to those of you sending such underage staff to school or to learn a trade so as to improve their lives because really some of them may be better off as househelps in some good people’s homes than with their parents/relatives who would not take care of them, come what may.

In all, let us show love to one another.

#EndSlaveTradeInLibya #EndChildAbuseEverywhere #StopHumanTraficking


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