End Of The Year Activities At My Workplace

In October 2017, two of my colleagues and I were temporarily moved to another department to assist with their work backlog. Shortly after we joined the department, the assistant manager of the department called us for a meeting to announce that she was leaving the company for farming as that is a passion she has been nursing for a while. Many of us were stunned. The Naija in me kept wondering how an assistant manager of a reputable technology company was ditching that kind of salary and corporate status for farming, not like I have anything against farming though.

Well, I guess once you are passionate about a venture, you go all out for it.

It was an absolute honour to have worked with her, albeit short. She was so kind and thoughtful to give me a card on her last day at work. I wish her the best.



We had a Secret Santa event in my unit at work on Tuesday December 12th, 2017. A number of us participated and exchanged gift with one another. The budget of the gift was communicated to all, so no one was expected to go above budget.

On the day of our Secret Santa event, we also had a snack potluck, where everyone brought their choice snacks.




The Secret Santa gift exchange went well and I love what I got. My Secret Santa also liked her gift from me.





We also had a departmental feast sponsored by the company to mark the end of the year. Each department came up with different ideas on how to celebrate theirs. In my department, we ordered some food and drinks, and enjoyed it together with light music on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017.





Coincidentally, that was my last working day in 2017 as my vacation started the next day. So I don’t get to resume till the 1st week in January, 2018.

It was my son’s last day of school on Thursday and my daughter has also taken a break from daycare. So we are all holidaying together. It’s already day 2 of vacation and we are so loving it.

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