‘Do You’ As People Will Also Talk Regardless – My Experience During My Workout Last Weekend

Last weekend, I joined my husband for his weekly exercise. When we first got to Canada, I enrolled for a bi-weekly fitness class. I remember sharing a blog post on my blog and social media pages about my fitness classes and I got comments like ‘why are you exercising’, ‘you are not fat’, ‘don’t disappear o since you don’t have much flesh’, most comments were simply saying I didn’t need to exercise. Sadly, the misconception about exercise is that it is ONLY for weight loss. I stopped going for this class not because of the comments, but because my schedule couldn’t accommodate the bi-weekly exercise anymore, plus I am also very lazy when it comes to exercising.

Months after, I gained some weight here and there and some people started to say I was adding weight and needed to shed some, some people insinuated/asked if I was pregnant. I even had few people who chatted me up and started lectures on how I should not add weight and all.

After the jogging with my husband last weekend, I had serious body pain because I hadn’t exercised for a long time. Everyone who saw me that weekend knew I had body pain. When I told some of them I went for exercise, hence the reason for my body ache, I started to hear talks on how my body weight was good and all. I told them I wasn’t exercising for weight loss but for fitness.


I narrated all these stories just to buttress how person A will advise xyz, while person B will advise abc.

Honestly, if we live our life to please people or follow every ‘advise’, we may be so misguided and possibly confused.

My mantra has always been to ‘do me’, it may sound selfish or proud, but over time I have realized that people would advise you based on their experience, based on their thought process, based on their perspective, based on their belief, based on their reasoning, based on their choice/preference. Some people may actually mean well, while some may not mean well, some may not even be doing what they are advising you about. So what do you do? Do YOU! People are going to talk whether you are fat, slim, short, tall, dark, light e.t.c. So do what pleases you. Do what you are convinced about. Do what makes you happy. Do what you are comfortable with. Do what ticks your fancy. At the end of the day, it is your life. This is not to say, you should not receive counsel from others but while at it, please be discerning.

On a light note though, exercise isn’t for the faint hearted, I almost ‘daid’ from the about 45 minutes jogging we did. My husband is fit as a fiddle, he barely stopped, I kept slowing him down. Hopefully, I shall get there too, lol. Well, he said practice makes perfect.

I’ll be sharing some videos on my social media pages.

Have a good week people.

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