Dear Nigerian Youths, Please Let Us Be Wise As It Relates To Nigerian Political Leaders

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Dear Nigerians (especially we the youths),

Please be wise indeed!







These politicians, literally all of them; wine and dine together. They flock together. They mingle together. This minute, you hear them insult one another on the pages of newspapers and on radio/TV interviews. The next minute, they are in a party, club or gathering sharing jokes and gisting. Almost all of them belong to the same circle. The circle of exploiting the poor, powerless and uninformed populace. The circle of milking dry the resources of Nigeria. The circle of enriching their personal pockets from the wealth of all Nigerians.

Honestly, since I FULLY realized this, I stopped loosing sleep over any Nigerian politician, whether APC, PDP, BSC, HND, OND, MSC and all the political acronyms there are.

Bunch of same same, wearing different clothes that suit them at that season.

I feel so much disdain for most Nigerian (Africa) politicians now, both past and present (no apologies, no guilt). Wicked, selfish and insensitive lots. You cannot live in a developed country and not feel this way.

Many people have asked me why I stopped writing about politics, political happenings and general occurrences in the country. The above is one of the numerous reasons I have stopped (at least for now). I’d rather share my personal experiences now, than rack my head about annoying and extremely painful things that happen in the Nigerian political space and other areas of life. Things that shouldn’t even be heard of in this millennium. You will hear of how an elderly man rapes a 6 year old and the society is literally turning a deaf ear, a representative of a well known company comes to render service in a client’s home and he rapes the young lady he meets at home, yet you read STUPID online comments on how the girl is to be blamed, how the owner of the house shouldn’t have left the 18 year old lady all alone with the service man, just imagine the shame and insensitivity on the part of some people and then the effrontery and audacity by the loose stupid service man. Men still assaulting their wives, state governor erecting a statue of South African president with tax payers money and saying he doesn’t give a hoot how anyone feels about it, governors owing their staff money, yet have the gut to throw lavish weddings for their children. President going on medical tourism for months with tax payers money. A senator showing off his fleet of cars and personal belongings on social media, yet the people of his constituency are going to bed hungry. People killing one another because of religious or tribal differences. A society that celebrates mediocrity. Child labour everywhere. People suffering and smiling in the midst of plenty. Police officers sexually and physically assaulting members of the public (especially underage and helpless children). Uniformed men/women gunning down innocent people over the slightest provocation. Epileptic power supply. Small and medium scale businesses doing all they can to stay in business with almost no support. How a former pensions boss squandered pension funds, leaving our aged people to suffer in their old age, yet he was recalled to civil service. How judges hand out life sentences to a citizen that steals a cube of food seasoning, yet offers a politician who embezzled trillions of Naira an unthinkable fine for his or her heinous acts of criminality. The list is just endless.

I used to regularly read Nigerian headline news, but now I just read them occasionally just so I can maintain my sanity, because some stories you will read will just give you migraine.

If I begin to give my opinions (like I used to do) on current happenings in Nigeria, they will just be too much negativity on my timeline and my non Nigerians friends (especially the Oyinbos) will be wondering if Nigeria is a zoo. These are people who already have misconceptions about Nigeria and Africa as a whole. People who wonder if we wear shoes in Africa, if we live in bushes. People who wonder and doubt that our official language is English and are surprised that we even go to school at all. People who feel all Nigerians are rogues. People who assume EVERYONE in Africa is suffering. All thanks to some western media and our irresponsive government (both past and present).

This minute you have hope that things would get better, the next minute, you hear or read of unimaginable things. I have just tire!!!

So I will just stick to my usual sharing of my personal experiences.

I can’t come and give myself high blood pressure or hyper tension and unnecessary gloom over Naija issues.

May God bless and liberate my country. A land full with milk and honey, yet the selfish political leaders make most suffer.

These people travel far and wide, don’t they even wish to replicate all (or some) of the things that make life better for the citizens! This is so appalling and saddening.

Fellow Nigerians/Africans, stop accepting mediocrity. Stop celebrating rogues and insensitive political leaders. Do your bit. Do your part.


Enjoy your Sunday people.

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