Cultural Day At Nabeel’s School

Thursday was Cultural Day in Nabeel’s school. So the students were encouraged to dress in their cultural attires and bring in a native dish as well. Nabeel wore agbada and fila, an outfit peculiar to the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. I made jollof rice and fried rice (Nigerian style), with some turkey.



Last week, Nabeel’s teacher sent in a task home for parents to assist the kids to answer some questions about their country/tribe, so each student can share same with the class. Questions like the type of food, tribes, religion, schools, buildings, languages etc. that are in their country and many other things that their country uniquely identifies with. It took me and my husband some time in helping out with this task, as we even had to print out some information, like pictures of the major tribes in Nigeria, our cultural outfits, flag etc. It was definitely fun and educative.

Canada is a very MULTI CULTURAL country. I have met and interacted with people from various countries. Countries I never even heard of before coming to Canada. That is actually a big deal for me, because I used to pride myself of knowing about many countries, but then coming to Canada has really humbled me as I realized I knew very little about the world.

For me, one of the most beautiful things about Canada is its diversity. I really love and admire this country and her people.

The school students were nicely dressed in their beautiful cultural attires, it was a lovely sight to behold. They brought in their various cultural dishes too. I even saw a girl with her country’s flag.


Even though most of these children live far away from their country, these constant experiences make them identify with their roots. I really think it is also very important for parents in the diaspora to make it a point of duty to connect their children/wards to their roots in the best ways possible. While at it, it is a good idea to make it fun and interesting. Aside Nabeel knowing quite a lot about Nigeria, I have also heard him talk about other countries based on his interactions and experiences with his peers from other countries.

The world is so big, yet so small. At the end of the day, so much unites us than divides us. There is unity in diversity, variety indeed is the spice of life.

In other news, it’s a long weekend in Nigeria and Canada because of the Easter break, though Nova Scotia doesn’t officially observe Easter Monday as a holiday but schools, daycare centers, (I think) government offices will be on break on Easter Monday but corporate offices are opened on Monday, so we get only Good Friday as a holiday. I heard Lagos state government workers even got today as public holiday because President Buhari is visiting Lagos today and tomorrow, na una dey enjoy. Anyways, Happy Holidays everyone, have a good one.

Update: Nabeel said his teacher asked him to ask me for the recipe of the jollof and fried rice 😊. Yippie, Naija rice to the world 😀.


He also came home with a cardboard with different pictures and information about Nigeria. He said his teacher asked them to complete it and bring it back to school.






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