Chronicles Of A Nigerian Girl In Canada: My Dental Care Experience

The first time I had a dental check up was in August 2015 courtesy of Honourable Sola Giwa, who is the Nigerian lawmaker representing Lagos Island Constituency II at the Lagos State House of Assembly.


Even though it was a basic dental screening, it was worthwhile been my first time and some of us even got referral for a further examination at Lagos State general hospital (dental clinic), expenses paid by Hon. Sola Giwa.


I was one of those referred to the general hospital’s dental clinic, the awesome Dr. Bamgbose attended to me and even lectured me extensively on dental care. I blogged about it here.


Many people from Hon. Sola Giwa’s constituency benefited from the program, I blogged about the experience here. Kudos to Hon. Sola Giwa and his wonderful and dutiful team, some of whom I am friends with especially my dear Oluwatobi Idowu.



I am aware of the many impactful programs Hon. Sola Giwa does in his constituency. I also attended an eye screening program he organized in December 2015. The crowd was MASSIVE that day. I blogged about that here.

Fast forward to April 2017 where I went for another dental check up (my first in Canada) courtesy of my health insurance from my employer, I guess many low and few middle income earners in Canada may not bother with dental check up owing to the fact that dental check up is quite expensive in Canada, so most people rely on their employment health insurance. I remember ‘pitying’ my employer when I asked what our bill is from the dental clinic.

In Canada (Nova Scotia), most medical expenses for adults are covered by the provincial health card which is free except dental and optical services but thankfully kids under 14 years get most of the dental and optical services free, so my kids had theirs when we came in last year. We had to wait for our employer’s health insurance because like I wrote earlier, dental care is quite expensive and I honestly wouldn’t have been able to pay that kind of money for dental check up o *coversface*.



My recent dental check up was a great experience, from all the people that attended to me. My husband also had a good tale to tell. I had some X-rays done, I was checked by 3 dental hygienists and then a dentist, 4 different people attended to me and they were all pleasant and made the experience fantastic. Come and see orisirisi gadgets, I was just in awe of these dental equipments and instruments.





They were all surprised as to how me and my husband had great set of teeth and strong gum considering my husband hasn’t done a dental check up before and I only had one dental experience in my whole life, thanks to Hon. Giwa.

One of dental hygienists commented on my small gap tooth, she says she has had almost all her African patients wish to have gap teeth, whereas it is the opposite in Canada where people cannot stand having gap in between the teeth, she says people would not even mind to pay for procedures to have any gap between the teeth filled up. I guess that’s the irony of life, one man’s meat could be another man’s poison. I know for sure that we love gap teeth and dimples in Africa, especially in Nigeria and I am one of those lovers of gap teeth and dimples.



One of the dental hygienists and the dentist had great things to say generally about African teeth, they said African have the strongest set of teeth they have seen, they attributed it to dietary factor, they acknowledged that there are lots of sugary foods in Canada which highly contributes to tooth decay and severe cavity in some cases. One of them told me she has had 15 fillings done because of cavity. They were really thrilled about our teeth and gums, infact they made us feel extra special as Africans. So you see my people, we still have some great outlook in some areas as Africans. We have got great food in Africa (thanks to agriculture and great weather) which contributes greatly to our food intake which in turn gives us great teeth and gums.

So, the essence of the post is to encourage you to have a dental check up done at least once every 6-12 months. The benefits are enormous especially in Nigeria where I presume dental check up isn’t very expensive. Also we are encouraged to brush twice like we have all been hearing since primary school 😊. Also, it is recommended to use floss to remove the particles in between the teeth, which tooth brushes may not get to.

Have a wonderful weekend my people.





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