Chronicles Of A Nigerian Girl In Canada: African Foods

Last week Sunday, I ate yam for the first time since we got to Canada over 8 months ago. The way I cooked, served and ate this yam ehhh, you will think that I haven’t seen yam before. Even when I peeled, I ensured no yam went to waste.


When we came to Halifax, I heard of 2 African shops that sell yam but when I got to the first shop I was told the yams have finished but they have ordered another set. I paid more visits to the shop and still the same story, so I just took my mind off it. The other person I hear delivers yam also said she didn’t have in stock. I heard the winter period also contributed to the scarcity.

Low and behold, I went into one of the shops last weekend to get some African food stuffs and it was yams that greeted me from the entrance, you guys needed to see how overwhelmed I was.

Last weekend, I also saw Naija beans and our dear Ola ola poundo yam.


The yams were labeled $15 and the Yoruba woman in me stylishly asked if I could pay $40 for 3 tubers and the shop owner said he could only remove $1 from the $45 bill and I just remembered how I would have conveniently bought these 3 yams at Ibafo market for N1,000 (as at August 2016, I don’t know about now that I hear prices of food stuffs have skyrocketed). I could even buy 5 of these at Ketu market for N1,000 sef. I know how my mum who lives in Ibadan and my mother in law who lives in Sagamu would bring full sack of yams for us, bought at really moderate prices. Well, they say, you can’t have your cake and eat it, na one person go choose.


So my Naija people, before you over price that yam from Iya Bisi or Mallam Ali, remember those of us looking for it desperately 😊. The reason I even priced the yam is because it is an African store, if na Oyinbo store, them go just they wonder if I dey alright. Plus this particular African store is even nice enough not to add tax on top some of the African food stuffs.

Yesterday, I went to one of my Naija neighbour’s house and I saw her eating okro and I’m like ‘nibo leti ri ila’, where did you get okro, she told me and even packed some for me home. Things are getting better o, all my African foods don dey show face. Only if I can see ewedu.


I made our last amala 2 weeks ago, that elubo tried for our life #8months.


I guess these are parts of the reasons why I miss my dear Naija sometimes.

Meanwhile, I hear most African food stuffs are readily available in other places in Canada like Toronto and the likes, una dey enjoy o.

Well, I just got the contact of a Nigerian in Halifax who I hear delivers orisirisi Naija food, I hear the person supplies iru sef (locust beans) #Yippie.


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