Accessibility Of Public Office Holders: Mayor Of Halifax, Mike Savage

I have met and briefly interacted with the Mayor of Halifax, Mike Savage on two occasions. A Municipal Mayor in Canada is the equivalent of a Local Government in Nigeria.


This Mayor is one of a kind, awesome man, very easy to approach. Always attending events that add value to his community.

I once emailed him and I wasn’t sure I would receive a response. Alas! I received a tailor made response from his office.


Only if African/Nigerian politicians can be this accessible, accountable and responsive. Our lives would be better and richer and same as our continent/country.

I have 2 current Nigerian local government chairmen, one federal house of rep member, one state house of rep member and many politicians’ children (from former governors, to current minister, ex ministers, senators e.t.c) on my timeline, please we need to learn, we may not TOTALLY be like politicians from west but we can also try to be better. It isn’t rocket science. Governance should be service.





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