365 Days In Canada: Alhamdulillahi Robil Alamin

365 days! Already!!! C A N A D A. Alhamdulillahi Robil Alamin (To God be the glory).


One year ago, we landed in this beautiful country. It all feels like yesterday. Different emotions and feelings were flowing through my mind, brain and soul prior to landing. Not knowing what to fully expect. Some people said and assumed all sorts.



The Maple Leaf country has over surpassed my expectations and that of my family.

Dear Canada and Canadians, we love and wholeheartedly thank you. You have been far too kind and generous.




PS: this is not to say living here doesn’t have its pros and cons, it sure does but in all, we are thankful and grateful for the journey thus far. We pray to God for greater things, better accomplishments, more security, long life and prosperity.

To my fellow Nigerians living in Nova Scotia, especially eyin temi ni Halifax, words won’t be apt to express my love and gratitude to you all. You have even better gingered the experience with the Naija feel and touch, you make this foreign land home away from home, even bigger shoutout to my Nigerian neighbours. You have been EXCEPTIONAL. May we all achieve our respective heart desires and goals in this place we now call home.








I meant to write an epistle about my experience in the past one year, but I no go fit finish, e go too long, it will be too emotional for me, the tori no go end, so I will just pause it here.

Ya Allah, my heart is filled with thanks, praise and gratitude to You. Gba ope mi Oluwa, please continue to keep me and mine safe.

I pray for my home country, Nigeria as always. I know my country can even be better. Have mercy on us and liberate us.

Dear Nigerians, aside God helping us, it is paramount to know that we also need to help ourselves and liberate ourselves. Please let us stop accepting and celebrating mediocrity as governance. Living in the diaspora is kinda hard because it hurts to see all the good things other citizens in developed countries are enjoying, knowing fully well that your own country is even way blessed with resources, yet we suffer in the midst of plenty. Very painful. It even hurts to listen to Naija news these days especially political news, because most of what you hear is gibberish.

I guess the time isn’t to complain or compare, clearly it’s a time for CHANGE, I mean progressive change.

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